Saturday, February 1, 2014

What Happened

to Dear Author?


  1. Do you mean the fact that it's down? Site revamp.

  2. Well, it was down Friday and most of Saturday, it's back now--and I am in serious "not like" with it right now.

    I like my blogs to be linear so i can scroll down at will, all those modules and block on the front page make me leave a blog pretty quick.


  3. They also have the old format, AL. Click 'blog' upper left corner.

    For me it's strained eyes. Don't know why, this site is white too. The pale pink I can't even read without my nose against the screen.

    Will take some getting used to. *double sigh*

  4. Oh yeah, I saw the blog option first thing, and it's the only one I'll be using--I just have never understood the new thing with modules and crap on the first page.

    Re: the white. Yes, you guys are white but you also have two lines of contrasting color along the sides, and you have images and text flanking the posts and comments. As far as I can see at the moment, DA is all white all the way.