Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 = The Number of Books Carolyn Will Buy This Year

Happy New Year!!

I'm a sucker for New Years and resolutions and all that. The promise of new beginnings, new chances, the possibility of making things better. Living life better. It's like romance actually, full of hope and chance and even though you're bringing your baggage into it, you might still find your way to a HEA.

As a writer I'm learning that making goals and resolutions for writing doesn't work. I love writing but I do it slowly. I also love baking, noodling, playing Bingo on Facebook, hanging with my daughter... writing matters but it's a part of my life. So I'll take the pressure off and write when I write and live it as I live it.

As a reader I've been acknowledging just how hungry I am for books. In the last week I've read 5 novels, 2 novellas and I'm almost done with another novel today. I feel famished and it's a hunger for words and stories.

So I'm allowing myself a complete indulgence and putting a lot aside right now to just read. And it's lovely.

We have no blog resolutions although we'll probably be talking a lot more about series we're reading and indulging in random posts about our new book boyfriends.

And there might be recipes. Just because I know Carolyn loves to try new things.


  1. You are being unnecessarily harsh, Lori. :-p

    Happy New Year, everybody.

  2. Harsh? Was it in the number? Too low?

  3. Bahahahaha...

    I just sorted my books and got rid of a whole two. and that was only because they were doubles lmao. Not sure you're in to the same anyways or I'd send some. I'll keep an eye out for the free kindle stuff though. I don't have one but doesn't mean I don't look :D Good luck with it though.

    Carolyn, I'll hold her down while you teach her a lesson if you like.

    Happy New Year :D