Thursday, January 9, 2014

Last Hit (Hitman) Jessica Clare , Jean Frederick

This was a strange book for me. And I don’t know if I can adequately review it because it was such a weird story.
The hero is Nick or Nikolai, a Russian hitman who was raised by a Russian mob family until he was 15 and tossed out to fend for himself. He’s trying to live independently doing his own hits but he’s still involved with the family doing hits for them and planning vengeance for the death of his mentor.
The heroine is Daisy who has run away from home at age 21. Her mother was killed when she was 8 and her father  was threatened by the killer and has not left the house since. He also raised Daisy Amish (LOL!!!) and so she’s innocent and yearning.
Nick and Daisy are a freaky couple since neither has any idea of how to live. Daisy needs independence and experience, Nick needs acceptance and love. They find each other because Nick watches her stalker-like and then intrudes in her life and she’s too innocent (or ignorant) to rebuff him as she should.
The story bounces between the two pov’s and Nick’s is more enjoyable because it’s written a great deal more spare and with the Russian accent. The story gets really weird though when Daisy is kidnapped, taken to Russia, her roommate also is kidnapped, raped and sold on the black market.
The book kind of lost track at that point.
No, let me amend that. It went fucking haywire and totally into la-la-ville.
I didn’t hate the book, not by any means. In some ways I liked the romance between the two characters because they were both so messed up and I would have happily read about them without the mob shit. But.. I wouldn’t recommend it because well, it was just too haywire.
And there’s another book coming out with yet another hitman and the roommate who was raped and sold to the black market (or whatever the slave/sex trade is called). Um… somehow the idea of a woman who was sold into slave trade having a romance with HEA is making my head hurt.
Interesting concepts. Not necessary something you want to read if you don’t want your brains to bleed out of your ears and stain the Kindle.

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