Saturday, January 4, 2014

BIG News to Start the Year Right

Lyrical Press has been acquired by Kensington Books.

Oh yeah.

Lyrical Press, the publisher of such stellar titles as well, a whole buncha shit Carolyn and I have written, has just become the e-arm of Kensington. It's been formally announced, rejoicing is rampant and decisions are being made.

Carolyn and I have talked and we're keeping Letters From Greece with Lyrical. I'm keeping some of my single titles although I've already had the rights to 666 Angel Lane reverted so it's mine to rewrite and finally make awesome.

Carolyn can talk about her decisions if she chooses about her titles.

On a personal note: I've had two of my three publishers close shop, one quietly and one in a popcorn worthy drama. It's great to see a company do well, and I'm so pleased for Renee Rocco (the brains, beauty and heart behind Lyrical) to see her take her company from smaller, to bigger and now to New York.


Way to go Renee.


  1. I agree, a step in the right direction. I won't be keeping my titles with them except for Greece per Lori's request. They're not selling and are too lightweight for a NY publisher. Lori and I have discussed this, but I can't get away from this feeling.

    So I'll be begging for Lori's and Lea's help, start with new formatting, new covers and in the end have books that still don't sell. but books I'm proud of.

    For me, it's the fact that it happened at all. I can't sustain the pace and don't want to. I gave away my last copy of Letters from Greece to my son's GF tonight and she looked very pleased to get it. I assured her she didn't REALLY have to read it, lol.

    It's a start. Now, let me go write that letter.

  2. Onwards and upwards ladies - it's gonna be a bottler of a year! Anything I can do to help, just let me know :)