Friday, December 27, 2013

Until There Was You... Means There's No More Me

Kristen Higgins has cured me of a many year addiction to chick lit. In fact, it's safe to say that after reading Until There Was You by Ms. Higgins, I will not read another chick lit novel again.

I always enjoyed chick lit. (And for those of you who believe Ms. Higgins is straight romance, I don't. She fits the chick lit category in my mind although more romantically inclined.) But I enjoyed the modern women, the humor, the life lessons and the happy endings.

Not any more.

I haven't been enjoying the chick lit novels I was reading and slowly have been weaning off them but I saw that Carolyn and I had a bunch of Higgins titles on the Kindle and I needed something to read so I read this. And um... ewwww.

1. The heroine's name is Cordelia but everyone calls her Posey. Why? Both names suck.
2. The heroine and her brother are adopted. For 3/4 of the book, I thought she was Chinese. She wasn't. He was Vietnamese. Their parents were German.
3. The brother was gay. The way he interacted with his partner (not to mention everyone else), he might as well have been invisible.
4. The hero had phobias.
5. The hero Liam (really, why that name?) fell in love with Posey because... um, I don't know why. There was no connection between them really.
6. In high school the mean girls called Posey Anne Frank because she was super skinny. Um, most girls envy super skinny, they don't mock it.
7. Nobody was really interesting in any way. They were all caricatures. In fact, Posey had an architectural salvage firm, Liam build custom motorcycles and the brother was a surgeon who got a boner whenever he could amputate something... and not a single one of them was believable.

I'm done. There's such a bad taste in my mouth from this book that I think the chances of my ever reading another book of the same vein is slim to none.

Jill Mansell wrote characters who were nasty, bitchy and bitter and gave them undeserved happy endings which started turning me away from the genre. Now Higgins has killed the genre as dead as it can get.

And one more time: ewwwwww. Seriously, bad reading.


  1. Hi - I'm back. :-)

    As you know, I've never particularly liked Kristan Higgins. Catch of the Day was I came but that was because of the hero. I disliked the heroine extremely, the way she let the town et al run over her. All her heroines are martyrs.

    I think KA has spoiled us for books like this, lol.

  2. Excuse me - 'Catch of the Day was the closest I came'. Sorry 'bout that.