Friday, January 27, 2012

Wordage With Friends

See this blog post header was a pun because Carolyn and I play Words With Friends and we also write together so we have wordage and... okay, it seemed funny when I first wrote it.

Anyway, we got our first round of edits back on Letters From Greece, our non-shitty book that comes out in July and I had it a few days and worked on it and now Carolyn has it and is working on it.

Edits are an interesting thing. Our editors, Tir, goes through and fixes the spelling and punctuation shit per House rules. We truly try to do it ourselves but the amount we miss can be astounding.

Then she sends it back and it has a million little notes on the side, most of which say "What's she thinking here?"

Now in my case, I usually write my own note that says "Isn't that apparent?" which of course it isn't because Tir wouldn't have had to ask if it was. But it gets me out of doing any work in the first round because Tir has to point out that I'm an idiot.

Carolyn, I'm sure, fixes it right up. Carolyn is a very good girl.Carolyn doesn't leave snarky notes on the side or cheat.

Which leads me to Words With Friends. My sister is hooked on the game (it's like Scrabble for the phone) so she got me playing it and then I got Carolyn playing it.

I lose a lot. I mean, I lose a whole hell of a lot. In fact, I don't know if I've ever won a game. So now I cheat. I'm a mad cheater. A crazy-ass cheater. I am a cheater extraordinaire.

I still lose but by less of a point spread.

Carolyn whoops my ass. I wonder if there's a moral to this blog post.

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  1. You forgot about my little kerfluffle with the line editor.

    Unfortunately Tir got the brunt of it, because line editors edit and disappear into the sunset and the content editor is left to soothe the savage beast aroused by the insensitivity and ... and ... I'd better stop here.

    Poor Tir, my words were never meant for her. I love Tir. This is a case where ignorance is not bliss, but I know better now and I pledge it will not happen again.

    Because I love Tir and I don't want to make her life miserable, like some authors probably do.