Friday, January 20, 2012

Sister Wives

I love Netflix streaming and have gotten hooked on different shows. Currently I'm watching Sister Wives and it's just fascinating.

Generally when people think of polygamous marriages, it's the icky ones where 50 year old men are marrying 15 year old girls and impregnating them. Sister Wives turns that on its ear.

Kody is the husband and he's kind of a goof. His three wives are normal women and all of age. Kody takes a 4th wife who is a grown women, divorced and with kids.

It interests me that the choice for the women in being in this marriage is not so much that they've fallen in love with Kody but that they love Kody but they want to have the large family and the other wives.

The women create a working unit of watching each other's children, taking care of each other and being best friends. There's something amazing in that.

I'm really enjoying seeing these women work around their feelings and relate to one another. They've totally got it going on.

And it makes me wonder... if the spouses are of age, why is it wrong to have a polygamous relationship?


  1. I've been watching this show to and find it fascinating. I SO don't get or agree with their lifestyle, yet at the same timei really LIKE all four wives and would love to meet with them for coffee once a week just to shoot the breeze. And Cody is kind of like an adorable dufus. It's clear that in their own way, it's the wives who rule the roost.

    And it would be nice to have someone that dependable to watch the kids at a moments notice.

    And I have taken to calling my two cats 'sister cats'. *g*

  2. To each his own, I guess, if it's not hurting anyone else, but I have to wonder how he supports them all and if birth control is practiced. (I've never seen the show, only heard about it.)

  3. Carolyn, they're a sect of Mormonism so birth control isn't practiced. They like the big families.

    It's a fascinating show because the women are so normal and nice that you want to be in their circle. I wouldn't want to be married to Kody, but I totally see the attraction of having a Sister Wife.

    It just really fascinates because it makes polygamy look sensible and that's a kick in the head.