Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Holy Moly... My Head Just Exploded

Sometimes you got to love a kerfluffle, and sometimes you don't.

So I woke up and googled myself this morning.... just kidding. I googled myself in the past and found this weird comment I made on a blog about Seb liking bananas and it was so strange out of context, I never did it again. Never googled myself again. Strange comments abound.

I've googled my book titles.

The other night I googled Hot, Hexed and Bothered and discovered two reviews I didn't know were out there. One hated the book and one liked it. What did I learn? One reader hated my book and one liked it .

I also discovered as I googled a title of Carolyn's that she was being pirated.

Anyway, there was a point to this. But I forgot what it was.

I went over to Dear Author to see if I'd left my point over there but Janet wrote a blog post about reviews that I didn't understand. It was all academic or something. I wish people would leave the smart shit at home or at work where it belongs and not put it on blogs. Smart shit makes my head hurt.

So I wandered over to Smart Bitches where thankfully they don't get too smart for me. They were having some fun and I meant to stay there for awhile but then I remembered I was on a search for the point of this blog post.

I texted Carolyn and asked What's the point? but she answered Huh? which wasn't very helpful.

So I went to google and typed in What's the point of this blog post? and it answered Transcendence which I thought was a good answer but didn't really have anything to do with book reviews.

So now I'm going to eat a brownie and try to figure out what this all means.


  1. I didn't find the point, but I found another brownie. Double fudge with little melted chocolate chips in the middle. 's really good.

  2. Good luck with the figuring, Lori, but I ain't gonna hold my breath.

    I shall beg a brownie from Azteclady and get comfortably full and then go to bed. :-)

    May I just add, I love it when you get in this mood.