Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Readers and Reading

Dear Carolyn,

thank you for pointing out that post on Dear Author about certain authors guilt tripping their readers into how to buy and where to buy to drive their rankings up. Very sad.

Writers should thank the heavens for any and every body who chooses to read them. There's so many choices out there and so many low cost ones, choosing to spend money in any format is a great big deal.

Hell, I'm grateful for every single person who purchases or downloads something I write.

I got my new Oprah magazine today (don't judge) and Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry Potter gave a list of his favorite books. His comments are so amazing and insightful that I think I now have more books to try.

It also was obvious that one day Daniel Radcliffe will be a writer. That young man loves the written word.

Just to let you know I'm still working on our story-in-progress-for-over-2-years. But I'm going to take a nap.

Loves ya,


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  1. Some people give me a headache. And some people have forgotten their beginnings, I think.

    If my upcoming book is downloaded only once, I'll give thanks that some brave person took a chance on me and hope that they enjoyed it. I will be delirious with happiness that someone chose my book to buy. Of course, both Lyrical and I hope for more than one poor soul, lol.

    Perhaps these authors do fear losing their contracts if they don't get on the bestseller lists or if sales level off. So what? They've made their name, at least Ms. Carriger has. Go find a nice epub like Carina or Lyrical and keep on trucking.

    Why the hell do you write anyway? Yes, it would be nice to make a living at it, but ... dare I say it? Then it would be a job, just like my nine to five one that I'm so happy to leave at the end of the day.

    If course I may be blowing smoke out my ass, because I'm speculating about something I have no experience with. And, of course, I can only speak for me.

    But somehow I just can't see myself rallying the readers to buy at a specific place, in a specific format, at a specific time. All one of them, lmao!

    Oh, and btw, I ♥ Susanna Kearsley.