Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Author Interview Old Fart Style

An interview with author of Sugar B is Back in Town, Lori Green better known as the Short Fart. (Carolyn is the OF: Older Fart.)

For purposes of brevity, we shall abbreviate names.

OF: So - another book! How many is this now?

SF: Oh wow... um, a couple. And a few that are waiting to get finished. That's numbering at about 2,397.

OF: Why a porn star?

SF: Are you talking about me? Because that movie was supposed to be private. Oh, you mean Sugar. Well, the original idea was something you and I discussed a long time ago, Carolyn. Do you remember?

OF: I don't remember my own name, much less conversations older than a week.

SF: Well, we had talked about doing something with sisters, Sugar B and Honey B. Then we came up with Sugar B and Holly Champagne. The story idea fizzled but the names stuck with me.

And those are obvious names for the porn industry. And the story grew from there.

OF: I've heard rumors of a menage. Care to comment?

SF: George Clooney and Keanu Reeves have made me promise not to tell. (It's a little something I've been working on writing for a paranormal novella. So far everyone is nekkid and wondering what to do. I know nothing about threesomes.)

OF: You were published before you fell in love with Romance. Tell us about it.

SF: Way back in my younger years, before my general fartiness, I was on the fast track to a slow poetry career.

I have a whole bunch of little periodicals scattered around my house with poetry I wrote. I do so love the poetry.

OF: Some of your writing reads almost like poetry. So, is it safe to say your past influences your present?

SF: Always. Although my dirty mind influences my writing more than anything.

OF: You create very likable characters as well as make the impossible perfectly logical. What's your secret?

SF: All my characters are based on us. And who doesn't love us?

OF: Sugar is a complicated woman carrying a lot of baggage. Yet you don't rub the reader's nose in it. You might say the book is almost light hearted but with an underlying seriousness that doesn't overwhelm. Was this conscious on your part?

SF: Honey, nothing is conscious on my part. I feel lucky that I ever remember the alphabet.

OF: Where do you get your ideas?

SF: Local grocery store. They have them in the paper goods aisle.

OF: An answer full of your usual humor. Now - answer the question!

SF: The answer is that ideas come from everywhere. That's one of my favorite things about writing.

One of the things that fascinates me is the things you see on the road or side of the road all the time. A shoe, a glove, a doll, a blanket. Why are those there? There's stories in all those things.

Sugar was inspired by a porn star name. The story I'm writing right now came from my wondering what would happen if I became a vampire.

A wonder of the world does a million wonderous things. And creates amazing stories.

OF: What's next for you? Anything in the cooker (better known as your brain)?

SF: Well the cooker is simmering more than heating anything up. So watch this space. Although there's a little something written by Two Old Farts that looks like it might finally get finished and see the light of day. That has me more excited than anything.

I do thank you for giving of your time. Sugar B sounds like a great book. It can be found at these fine outlets (darlin', if you'd make the links live, I'd appreciate it): www.lyrical.press.com www.amazon.com

(Note from Lori: live links aren't working on Blogger right now. Sorry.)

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