Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My First M/M Book

I just finished reading Fair Game by Josh Lanyon and I'm glad I did. He's a very good writer who can tell a very good story. I did think the mystery reveal happened sort of suddenly, but that might be because I'm used to longer mystery books that have more room to work with.

I liked both the protagonists. They were distinctly different men. The story is told from Elliot's POV, so the reader gets to know him well, but Tucker is also well fleshed out. I enjoyed their tentative steps to reconciliation, and about the time I was thinking 'well, get ON with it - talk!', they did.

The sex. Well. It wasn't too over the top and there wasn't too much of it, but ... I'd just as soon there was none, or that it was behind closed doors. Sort of like your parents. You know they had sex - you're the proof - and you know they probably still are, at least every now and then, but it's just something you don't want to picture or even think about. You can love them without knowing all the intimate details of their lives.

That's how I felt about this book. I reveled in the emotions, loved the storyline, but for me it wasn't necessary to go into these men's bedroom. The nurse in me immediately went into overdrive. It was enough, for me, to know they loved each other and found their HEA.

I expect I'm in the minority, because these m/m books are very popular. I don't know that I'll try another. I suspect my first m/m book will also be my last.

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  1. I just read my first Josh Lanyon books, the first two in the Adrien English series. I enjoyed them a great deal and while the mysteries were easy to solve, the budding relationship between Adrien and Jake was excellent.

    As for the sex, I'm kind of suffering from hetero-sex-fatigue. The appeal of something different is a big reason for trying these books in the first place. That, and the praise everyone has for Lanyon's writing meant I now own several titles.