Saturday, June 25, 2011

Oh My Goodness!

Dear Lori,

We now own our very first m/m book, and I want you to promise to read it, because it takes place in Seattle and evidently cooking is involved to a small degree.

Yes, I finally caved. I couldn't help myself. Everyone has nothing but good to say about Josh Lanyon's writing and the book in question, Fair Game, has 4 and 5 star ratings on Amazon. It's a mystery and I do love my mysteries.

I hope the sex isn't too overt; I don't think it is, from the reviews I've read. But then I hope that for most every book I get. It's a real crap shoot out there now. I want to read a good, strong plot, with good, strong characters, with the sex coming in a distant third. Their sexual orientation doesn't matter, as long as the Romance is there.

So, I'm excited and a little nervous about reading my first m/m. Please read it too, so we can discuss.

We may be two old farts, but even such as we can change and change can be good. :-)


  1. Seattle, cooking and a mystery? Sign me up.

    Maybe we can do our first joint review. (Um, have we done a joint review before?)

  2. Yes indeed.

    Um - can't remember the title at the moment. Or the author for that matter. But it was a vampire book. *grin*

    Oh! Just came to me - Susan Squires. We both liked it. :-)