Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Poll on Sidebar

Dear Readers of this blog,

over on the sidebar, <---- thataways, is a poll of names for a vampire book I'm writing. I usually have a title within the first page of writing and that helps me focus. But I haven't been able to commit to a title for this and I'm ready to commission a cover and I have to make my mind up.

Important facts about the story: She's a vampire. Her name is Eleanor, therefore shortened to Ella. She's fat. Teeth, Incorporated is actually the name of the Vampire's business she works at.

Please help me decide. I really need help.

Love, Lori


  1. I voted for Teeth, Incorporated.

    I love vampire stories, but I don't think I have ever read about a fat vampire.


  2. I'm with Saskia here. I was drawn straightaway to Teeth Incorporated. It's got humour and hints at the vampire theme.

    I'm intrigued too; how does a vampire get fat? Suck cholesterol laden blood from overweight victims? lol

  3. Of course I like Vampirella because that is the pun that I use when people joke and call m a vampire! I say " excuse me! It's Vampirella! Cause I'm a lady!" ha!