Sunday, November 14, 2010

Magic Realism

I love Sunday. My daughter is laying on the couch playing a video game, her cat is lying across her back loving her closeness. I'm sitting on a comfy chair only a foot away with my laptop on my legs and I'm trying to describe natural magic as it can happen in American lives.

I love magic realism. The description of it is simply the placement of magic in everyday lives. Since I believe that our everyday lives are already chock-full of wonder, obviously I'm attracted to the elements of magic/wonder in fiction.

I like paranormal and even some urban fantasy. I just ordered the Iron Duke because I imagine that steampunk will ring my bell. But what I love most is the ordinary that is anything but.

One day I'll do a real review of Sarah Addison Allen's books but she embodies the American version of magic realism to me. Years ago I read Gabriel Garcia Marquez and other hispanic writers who are considered the creators of the genre. However, I love the americanization of the genre and the idea that it can and does exist in our lives too.

Sometimes I think that one of the reasons I love cooking and cooking based novels is that anything that involves ingredients that take a new form (cooking) that then alters a person's life, even momentarily (eating) has an intent of magic to it.

I'd love to read more modern authors that include these aspects to their writing. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

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  1. I don't know how modern or new it is but just finished "Like water for chocolate" - that was kinda magically in a foody way.

    Good luck with the magic - can't wait to read :D