Sunday, November 7, 2010

Do You Nano?

If his father wasn't home then Carlos would sit in the kitchen and slowly savor the sensations. The ache of the ancho chili complimenting the sadness of the acoustic guitar and the soft wail of the singer remembering a past love. The sweet, colorful peppers redolent with the call of his mother's people. Her hair in it's long plait, her wide feet bare on the cold tile and he was home in the Mexican haven she created.

November is National Novel Writing Month and all over the internet and the world people are nano-ing. 1,667 words a day to end November with a 50,000 word novel.

Nano is an amazing process of learning to write with the internal editor turned off and the word count being the thing that moves you. I learned to count by the 100s when nano-ing.

This year I'm way behind. But I'm plugging away. If you're nano-ing, buddy me. I'm LoriGreen on the nano website.

Let's commiserate together.

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  1. I just added you as a buddy. Mine is ZjaZjaFrancis (my alter-ego). It looks like we are both around the same amount of words LOL I can tell you all ready I need to go back and do a LOT of pruning on what I have written.