Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Reading

Are you a reader who likes stories reflecting the seasons? Because I'm sitting here, a few days before Thanksgiving with a world of snow outside and I'm longing for a book with snow and Christmas trees and a hot cocoa and fire to read by.

Last year I gifted one of my coworkers with 3 Harlequin Christmas books as well as some chocolate to nibble as she reads. I bought myself a few too (both books and chocolate).

This year I'm going to write a Christmas story I think. I have a wickedly funny idea and this year I finally have a fireplace and cocoa in the pantry. I'm totally in the holiday zone.

How about you?


  1. First of all: Lucky you to have some snow out and about already. Snow is wonderful.

    Secondly: Why haven't I commented in forever? You're lovely people. I should make polite conversation more often.

    Thirdly (and actually answering the question): I totally understand. For some reason this year I have the holiday story bug. I recently got a Christmas themed YA for kicks (those are never written, it seems) and I plan on *cough*borrowing*cough* some of my mother's Christmas anthologies that she bought this year. Also ordering some in through the library. Especially anything with Judith McNaught. After dying over Whitney, My Love, I must see her in holiday form.

    Happy Thanksgiving, and show that story idea who's boss!

  2. Hey John - Happy Holidays!

    I just finished reading A Christmas Promise by Mary Balogh. It's a marriage of convenience story - no spies, no highway men (or women), just two people gradually falling in love while surrounded by the bride's unconventional family.

    I enjoyed it immensely but I bet i enjoy your Christmas story more,Lori, if it's anything like your last one, lmao!

    Otherwise, I'm all bah, humbug.

  3. Happy Turkey day to y'all up there from me down here. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving but doesn't mean I can't celebrate 'virtually' with u :D

    I love holiday stories too Lori - most are the movie type - but I'm not adverse to reading one either. I especially love all the snow and stuff. Considering we're sweltering down here in 40C+ weather when I'm reading helps a bit lol.

    I agree with Carolyn - if this new story is anything like your past offerings, we're in for a treat. Can't wait to have a look see :D

    Hugs y'all