Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving Thanks

The internet is full of complaints that sometimes border on hate. For sure it's not a Norman Rockwell world out there anymore.

But even in the worst of times, we have things to be thankful for. Sometimes it's small things, things that seem insignificant to others. Or it might be the people in our lives, or our pets, or the guy on the bus that smiled and gave us his seat, or it might be a woman who doesn't mind being called an Old Fart and sets up a place where we can play.

The food on the table is a symbol for all that is good in our lives. Although money is going to be tight again (it's that time of year when hubby’s job slows to a screeching halt ), I am truly blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

***From the Other Old Fart

For me the joy of the season becomes the baking and cooking and trying to fatten up the world around me. And in that I find so much pleasure in the scents and tastes and sharing.

As we say thank you, I'll be thanking the Creator and Maintainer for the friendships that surround me and the love I'm blessed with daily. I'll also be saying a prayer for those in our lives who are facing losses.

This has been an interesting year. Next year will hopefully be one of accomplishment. We thank everyone who drops in on us for joining in the conversation and the giggles.

Hopefully the best is yet to be.

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