Thursday, November 11, 2010

Desperately Seeking Sanity

Nano and I are not friends this year. The story I'm writing is enjoyable and I like spending time in this little town with these people. But where is the time to write when there's a full time job, an attention seeking child and so much HGTV to watch?

I know... women have been doing this for years. I haven't though. I used to have time. Lots of time. But now it seems that the one thing i never have enough of is time.

How do you do it?


  1. Give up sleep - it's not necessary.

    I've had 2 hours sleep (don't ask) and I'm zipping along fine...



    Hope you find your time Lori. You want I should send you a watch?

  2. Perhaps now that you're settled into your new home and job, and past all that stress, you'll find a bit of extra time.

    Me? I tend to let things go and do what I want, but then I don't have a small child to tend. After I get off work, it's everyone for themselves, lol.

    And of course, I'm not nano-ing, so no pressure in that regard.