Sunday, January 22, 2017

The New Abnormal

So proud of all the women and men who took part in peaceful protest for the Women's March yesterday. My knees would never have survived an hour of standing much less an entire afternoon, which broke my heart because I really wanted to go. But I spent a lot of time watching clips and looking at pictures and feeling my heart swell.

I felt like The Grinch as his heart grew and he became nice again.

Of course, now we have the Sean Spicer/Kellyanne Conway circus act. And I can't even mention Pee. Trump and his strange performance with the CIA. Might this all be a piece of performance art that nobody told us about?

Anyway, Pee. Trump claimed that his inauguration was the best attended ever even though pictures show it wasn't. Not even close. So he made Sean Spicer do a press briefing and claim the lie and threaten the press for not printing the lie (some have, trust me. If you find them, avoid them.) Then on the morning news shows Kellyanne Stepford Wife repeats the lie but calls it "alternative truth".

Take a moment and let that sink in folks.

Alternative truth.

Anybody past the age of six or seven knows that alternative truth is another way to say --lie--. Falsehood. Fib. Bullcrap. These are the people speaking for our pee-resident.

I just wrote a book about the devil and she lied less than this bunch.

Well bless their little right-wing hearts, they're obviously all drinking something unhealthy and making it obvious that America is in serious trouble. However, after yesterday, it's also obvious that America will fight back.

Straight up lying is not something we're going to accept from our government. And most people will not accept this as the new normal.

Watch out Trump. We're on to you and soon we'll be saying "you're fired!"

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  1. I am not as optimistic, by far. People knew he was lying about this, that, or the other for over a year, and still voted for him.

    I do hope that the people who marched yesterday, and those who supported the march, remember that it was just the opening salvo, and keep their anger burning bright.