Thursday, January 26, 2017

Incomprehensible Is The Only Word I Can Come Up With

Less than a week ago, women and men (mostly women) all over the world rallied and marched and made their voices heard. Less than a week later, the pee-resident has taken a photograph from that rally and claimed it as an inauguration photo.

Oh it doesn't end there. He signed the most restrictive abortion gag rule yet. He's building the wall. He's bringing back torture. He's investigating voter fraud which doesn't exist. 4 journalists are in jail. He's okayed the Dakota Pipeline which he's invested in. His nominees, almost all inappropriate, are being confirmed. State department senior staff have all quit. The Democratic party is folded. They're not fighting.

The pee-resident has signed more executive orders in less than a week than Obama did in eight years. He's threatening the cities/states that went blue. He's planning to cut federal funding to any state that went for Hillary.

He's going to go after all illegals and their children. Meaning people born in this country who are Americans will be deported if their parents came in illegally. He's blocking all refugees and immigrants from Muslim countries. He probably will find a way to create a Muslim registry.

Less than a week folks.

Where do we start? What do we do? My brother is rejoicing over this? I'm sick at heart. I have headaches every day.

Donald Trump is a mentally ill fascist and impeachment should have already begun.

What the fuck is going on? What are we supposed to do?

How do we process all of this? For the first time in my life I feel like the center has fallen out. Climate change is real but our government is denying it. The pee-resident never divested from his business holdings. The right is attacking the left with fervor and the people are screaming but their elected officials aren't.

Elizabeth Warren voted to confirm Ben Carson to head HUD. WTF?? 

I want to hide. I want to cry. I want to know what can we do or are we really powerless? Do I need to be armed to protect my Muslim neighbors? Do I need to be armed to protect myself? Will they overturn Roe v Wade? Will they overturn marriage equality?

How many people will die?

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  1. Christians - you know, those peace loving, turn the other cheek folk - voted in anarchy. Perhaps they see it as a precursor to Armagaddon, I don't know - who knows how those fuckers think?

    I don't care anymore. I just don't care. The human race just aren't worth it. They're plain stupid, no matter how many degrees they have and history keeps repeating itself.

    I just don't care.