Monday, January 2, 2017

Before It's Forgotten

I saw where Willaful had done a bog post saying 2016 hadn't been all bad and it made me think. There was some serious badness and sadness but there were also some things that happened that were amazing:

My sister got married. She and her partner have been together 17 years and couldn't legally marry and now they can and they did. If that isn't worth celebration, I don't know what is.

My SIL is cancer free. A year ago she was sick from chemo and at the lowest point of her life. Now she's regaining her health and energy, she had an amazing holiday and if kicking cancer's ass isn't amazing...

I lost my job (I adored that job) but the very next day got a new job with a man who, although he has some interpersonal challenges, is generous and deep down caring. I'm hoping that I can be a benefit to him as well as I appreciate the benefits he is giving and plans to give his employees.

I wrote a book. That might seem like a small thing but the last thing I wrote to completion was a novella in 2014. This is a step back in the direction I want my life to go.

I'm sure there are other things but right now these are the ones that come to mind.

We're still here and kicking. Hopefully we got a lot more years cause God knows, we got plenty of kick in us.


  1. So very true what you say here. There is always good and bad but sometimes the bad just seems to take up more space and can overshadow the good.

    Awesome news about SIL - here's to really kicking cancer's arse and continuing to be well.

    Also awesome news that your sister and her partner can finally marry. Honestly, with all the hate in this world why wouldn't you let love foster and grow and be allowed (not matter who the participants) to flourish? If it doesn't rock your boat then get out of hte ocean and let people live their lives how they want to. It's not skin off your nose.

    Kudos on the book (I'm still trying to fix the cover btw lol). Finishing anything is always a bonus and hopefully this will help keep you in the direction you want to go. Maybe some of that finishing will rub off on me and I can finally end somethign I've started. Don't hold your breath though...

    On a personal note there was a lot of crap that happened here but my one highlight was my football team finally winning a grand final. It might not mean much to others but for me, after 37 years of supporting them and having them barely winning, almost being merged out of existence and a lot of heartache along hte way, we finally had our day (second in a 118 year history and 62 years since our first) in the sun. Sinceriously, for me it was better than chocolate, lotto, a date with Henry Cavill and... well, you get the idea lol

    Here's hoping that 2017 is a bumper year for everyone and that the good definitely outshines the bad this time around.

    HUGS TO Y'ALL...


  2. Lea, the Chicago Cubs fans around me would totally get you and your Dawgs. These are amazing moments and truly should be savored.

    Go DAWGS!