Thursday, January 5, 2017

And the Responsibility Goes To....

I want to lose weight. No, I need to lose weight. No wait... too much weight is waiting... way much weight is weighing me down     (stop me, Carol...)

This wasn't a New Year's resolution. I realized that I wasn't happy with the constant knee pain and the first step to being pain free was putting less stress on my joints. Which meant... you got it.

My plan/intent ultimately is to join weight watchers. But right now I'm trying to jump start some weight loss so I can feel excited and proud and the best way to do that quickly and safely is to cut carbs and sugar, eat more protein, veggies and a handful of fats. It's how I lost weight pre-adoption and how I'm jump-starting right now.

My family is aware and truly, couldn't give a shit, one way or another. Okay, not true. My daughter is my personal cheering section and every day asks how I feel and have I lost any weight (I feel great and yes, I have).

I talked to my SIL who does most of the cooking and she said she supported me although was not going to add more meat to our meals. That's fine. What I didn't expect was that she would start making really carb heavy meals that I can't eat.

At first I felt hurt and declared that she was obviously sabotaging me. I sniffled, I went to bed hungry and I sniffled some more. Then I stopped. Because what my SIL chooses to do is no reflection on me or my health or my choices. I'm responsible for me, not her, and she can't sabotage me if I stay the track and remain on the path.

So here I am. I love my SIL and think that right now something is playing out that has more to do with her feelings around food and less to do with me. I need to be willing to put aside my sniffling and when there are no good choices for me, to make my own. I need to buy some groceries just for myself and be willing to take responsibility for buying and cooking my food.

And I need to remember that my health is my responsibility and my family loves me but isn't always going to make the right decisions for my care either. That's why I need to do it.

My life. I'm responsible. (May be my new motto for 2017).


  1. Good luck Ms Lori. I'm with you (I need to look good to get on the plane in NOvember. HOpefully...)

    It's funny how people will say they support you then just go and do stuff that doesn't. Sure it might not be deliberate but then can you ever be sure? But as you say, my life - my responsibility.

    We have a treadmill out back that I need to use - I can't use the exercise bike because even with the seat in the lowest position, I would need to trampoline to get on. I shit you not... But at least he treadmill will be something and get me walking more than I do now. Plug in the 70's disco music and can make a party out of it.

    I wish you every success Lori and will now have ot rethink the parcel items... lol. And bless Mollie for being Mollie xx

    Now, about those carrot sticks...


  2. You are, and always have been, a better woman than I am. I would not be as gracious. Grrr!

    More power to you, darlin'.