Wednesday, March 16, 2016

When Life Hands You Lemons

you must have a lemon tree in the backyard.

So we've been in Hawaii a year and a half (feels like a few months but it's been 2 Christmases) and I've been at my current job 10 months and here's how it's going:

Everyone has fruit trees in their yard so there's always someone bringing in bananas or avocados or lemons. My favorite are the bananas since ours don't seem to ripen and star fruit. We have tangerines and oranges and lemons in our backyard and it's a citrus delight.

Having chickens is awesome. Roosters not so much. (We don't have roosters, just chickens.) But roosters run around everywhere in packs and just terrorize areas. I always imagine them wearing leather jackets with cigarettes hanging from their beaks. They can be quite pretty in their coloring but they're noisy and pains.

I like living with family. And I miss living alone.

I'm not lonely anymore with two other adults to talk to and laugh with and occasionally fight with. Our fights are resolved quickly now and we enjoy each other a lot. But I miss being alone with Mollie and living in a judgement free zone.

The job is one of the best I've ever had with a great boss. But on the downside it's become really hard lately because the more you prove yourself then the more gets piled on your plate till you look like the glutton at the buffet and you're wondering why the person with the same job title and pay grade has an empty plate next to your full one.

And living in Hawaii is a guarantee that internet and phones go out frequently. Not so much fun with that.

I'm busier and my life is fuller. My bills are looking almost reasonable now which is amazeballs. They're still there and high but I'm not feeling like I can't breathe.

And after almost a year of not writing, I'm getting some written. It's not the story I want to be writing but I think I need to be away from that one a little bit and that's okay. Any writing is good.

So that's us/me. How you doin?


  1. So glad the job experience is good--even when you get more and more thrown at you. When you are made to feel worthless and worse, every day, the quality of your life goes to hell in a hurry. Conversely, when the people you work for let you know that you are good at what you do, that you are appreciated? Your mental health takes an upswing in a hurry.

    No, it's not an instant cure for all that ails a person, but considering the percentage of our life that is spent at work, it's an important thing to consider.

    I'm so glad you are doing well with your family, you and Miss Mollie; it makes me happy.

    And here's to writing what you need to write--even when it's not exactly what you thought you would/what you wanted to.

  2. Funny should mention a lemon tree in the yard (we have a lime too)... LOL

    Waiting for our to start fruiting so I can make some lemoncello. The shops are charging $3 for 3 and they're barely bigger than a grape. I don't think so.

    We also have a mango tree that gave us more than enough to feed half the family and that's not including the ones we lost due to windy weather. I'm a little over them now, having a mango smoothie for breakfast 6 days in a row lol. The pomegranate is... ok lol I don't think we still ahve the lemondade tree though, which is a shame.

    So happy to hear that things are going well now for you and Miss Mollie. About time and well deserved. OF course there are still moments but for the most part it sounds like are on the up so that's a bonus.

    As to writing - bugger about teh story but I've been privy to your current WIP (still laughing actually) and looking forward to more. It might not be what you wanted to do but writing is good, no matter the form (says the woman who hasn't written word one in a few days lol)

    Big hugs to y'all up there.

    ps - *snort* for the roosters comment from me too lol

  3. Any Lori writing is good. :-)

    Glad it's all settling down with you. ((hugs))