Thursday, March 17, 2016

Don't Watch Many TV Shows But ...

I have been watching Criminal Minds on Netflix (thank you again, Lori!) and also - I don't crush on a lot of men, but ...


A beautiful man with a beautiful smile. Just had to share because there's a lot of shows left and I get giddy every time I watch him, lol.


  1. Very nice :D

    I loved the show - the first two seasons I saw. After that it was taken off and put back on at all kinds of weird arse hours and days etc I either forgot to watch or couldn't get the channel.

    I tried to watch on our cable tv but they would go so far in a certain season (usually two behind normal tv) and then out of nowhere go back to the very beginning.

    I love this type of show, even if some episodes do give me nightmares so am seriously thinking about buying the set. I think they're at season 10 now? or close to it anyway, so better start saving lol.

    It will be worth it though for that smile. He's no Harvey Specter but I do enjoy him a lot. Thanks Carolyn :D

  2. I think I just found a new show to binge watch. Thank you Carolyn.

    (where's that drooling emoticon?)

  3. I really liked the first handful of seasons, and he's as good a reason as any to watch (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). I lost interest on season 9 or so, when I realized that Morgan (Shemar Moore's character) is the only non-white character in the main cast.

    (Spoilerish bit: sometime in season 9 they did bring Esai Morales as a recurring character, but still, too much white for my blood.)

  4. Whaddaya know?

    I just read that Shemar Moore announced he's leaving Criminal Minds at the end of Season 11.

    See newsbit here.