Saturday, March 26, 2016

This World Is So Full of Hate

It was a hard week.

My co-worker committed suicide a few weeks back. We worked in different offices although he had called out for a week and I was taking his place.His death devastated us. Since then three of us have been taking different days and filling in until someone gets hired.

That office is a pit of despair with a little bit of Hell thrown in.

I have never worked in an office where the standard patient was so bitter and mean. Where patients walk in a few times a day to complain (no appointments, they just walk in to throw some vitriol and walk out). I worked in a pain clinic where people were just coming in to scam drugs off the doctors but that was nowhere as deeply horrible as this place.

There is no joy there. No laughter. My standard operating procedure is to chat with people and laugh but when I work there I just watch the clock and wait till I can leave. (I think the boss is hoping that I'll offer to take over the job but I'd rather lose a limb than go there daily.)

And then I come home, weary and discouraged and trembling with anger and run to social media and what happens? Trump. Republicans. Presidential candidates comparing penis size, comparing spousal attractiveness while running for the President of our damned country and I'm wondering if I can afford to move to Australia and live my remaining days as a hobbit with Lea.

Why are people so angry? What happened in America that we can accept these current Republicans as candidates? They're sickening little boys full of braggadocio and empty threats.

And if you're whispering "Hillary isn't that much better" you'll get no argument from me. I think she's a liar, wishy-washy and trying to come off as a moderate Republican to steal their votes while maintaining she's a progressive to try and steal Bernie's votes. She's the most politician out there and I don't mean that in a good way.

This week was so disheartening I ended up pulling up Star Trek: TNG on Netflix and I'm binge-watching the show. I can't abide the current so I'll try to live in that version of the future where hate doesn't dominate.


  1. And after writing this just went on Facebook and the first thing I see is a nasty post about Obama being a Muslim and hating America.

    I despised George W Bush and thought he was one of the worst presidents ever (name me one legacy of his) (a good one, that is) but never did I ever show so much hatred to him, either as president or as a fellow human being.

    Unfriended the person who posted it and now I'm going to take a long shower.

  2. Sugardrawers, the van is set up with two beds so you and Mollie come right on down! You are more than welcome anytime, even if you don't want to be a true hobbit :D

    It sux severely when you go to work only to watch the clock. A lot of jobs have ups and downs and sometimes you will find one that gives you joy but then you get the one you're currently in. Thankfully it's only temp - please don't give up any limbs - and fingers crossed someone else will be hired asap.

    I'd offer to come up and take it but despite the upside being you and Hawaii, I don't deal well with rude and mean people in public (or online for that matter lol). Hell, I couldn't even do it on the phone in a call centre across the country from the arsehats who rang in to abuse and threaten with legal action, so I'll have to pass. Keeping everything crossed that an upswing in the good is coming your way.

    As to the politics - I barely know, like, understand or care for my own so I won't even try to hone in on your dilemma. Having said that, I'm still aware enough to realize that Trump being voted in is bad. Heinously so.

    Now, what time shall I expect you? I'll have the beds made up and a good stiff drink waiting!


  3. Ugh, nothing worse than that kind of toxic work environment. Unless it's this toxic world environment. *hugs*

  4. I hope you don't have to continue going to that particular office for long--even if it's only a handful of days a month, that kind of work environment is soul-destroying.

    On the rest of it...gah, I'm so emotionally exhausted by all the politics discussions around here, that I can't even tell you. (Hint: I'm the only one who doesn't talk about it, and I'm also the only one who is not a Repuglican)