Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year's ... Resolutions

I do, do you?

New Year's resolutions are my siren song, my candy at the end of the year, my guilty pleasure. Anything that promises a new beginning whether a new year, a nano novel, a new job are all exciting. The chance to look at the past and decide what's worked, what hasn't and what you want to attempt going forward; these are the things that make my heart beat faster.

I'm not one of those 'lose 20 pounds' or 'eat healthy only' kind of resolutioners. It's not about lying to myself. I know I won't cut sweets out of my diet because cake is awesome and eating cake is the best. An occasional margarita fueled night makes me extremely happy. And I like a burger and the fries that come with it.

This year my resolutions are smaller in scale but very exciting to me. And there's only two.

My first is to turn my bedroom into a color filled haven of creativity. I want a room that makes me feel like I'm in a place where imagination is limitless. I know it's just a room and one can be creative in a hovel or a mud shack but there's something about having a space that is yours alone, unshared and made just to please you. And since I live in someone else's house and have no say about how furniture is arranged or what's put on the coffee table: I need my space.

I bought the furniture paint today.

Resolution number two is to rewrite my nano novel.

That's it.

I have other goals for the year, mostly involving my finances and getting them in a more manageable state as well as improving my cooking skills and getting my car taken of and such.... but those aren't resolutions.

I'd love to know if anyone else out there also does the resolution thing.

And more than anything:


Here's hoping that 2016 leaves more laughter than tears, more happiness than sadness and more dreams fulfilled.

Mazel tov.


  1. Those are some excellent wishes, so let me return them right back at you: more of all the good things that bring you joy!

    Resolutions...not so much. Vague hopes for doing better in some areas is more like it.

  2. Happy 2016 to y'all up there from me down here.

    My resolution is to not make any resolutions. Aside from not being able to stick to them, mostly I forget... the perils of being 27.

    I guess I could try and write more, eat less, be nicer but bugger that. I'll just plod along and if it happens it happens :D

    I do like your list though Lori so good one and good luck! Also, love the idea of your own space. Photos are a must when you're done ;)

    HUGS yáll and here's to a most triumphant year!!xxx

  3. I love that resolution! I redid my office in purple and sparkles and it's wonderful!

    I try to do plans rather than resolutions these days.