Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Twas the Night

Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the blog
the ladies were giggling
tipsy on egg nog.

"Dig this cover," said Red
"with a hunk I'd kill to bed."
"Oh my," Lea sighed
"I'd like him buried tween my thighs."

Aztec shook her head
her mind on serious things
such as the rules and the rights
and the chance Trump might be kinged.

In Aloha garb, Lori did plan
a traditional feast of turkey and ham
and poi and and the fruits
of this tropical land.

The Kindles were charging
on the mantle with care
in the hopes that the wifi
would be clear in the air.

There were books to be read
and books to be writ
and plans for trilogies
and standalone titles which are really my preference because I'm tired of reading series.

Grace Draven, Lisa Kleypas
even Eloisa James
are some of the authors
we're hoping to name
for many more books
for many more years
that we can all enjoy
and we can all share
and we'll keep this blog
lit up through the night
so we can talk about books
and hot men who are a sight
and things that matter
both far and quite near
because being with all of you
fills us with cheer
so from two old farts
who talk romance
Happy Holidays to all
and to alla Bonne Chance.


  1. And you're back... LOL

    Love your work. Merry Christmas to you and your fellow Old Fart and your readers too (sorry, not as lyrical as you lol)

    Be well and have fun!

  2. Gog, Lori, how I love you!

    And I second Lea's wishes--be well, be merry.

    All the joy to you and your loved ones--for both of you (and Lea!)

  3. I'm so proud of her ... *sniff*

    Merry Christmas, y'all!!

  4. So, only 365 (leap year) until Christmas - woot woo!!

    Yes, I am running away and hiding lol. *snicker*

    HUGS y'all :D

  5. That was meant to be days... damn, too much egg nog lol