Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Live Life Like You Want It To Be

I love those moments of epiphany: the sudden 'hello, here's something you might want to do/try/think that will make your life better/happier/more functioning'.

So over the holidays I was fretting about my relationship with my sister and talked to my brother about it. And he warned me against doing something that would hurt our relationship and then I was told by my SIL why there were issues between my sister and I and I discovered that the reasons were bogus. Just completely ridiculous shit.

And I epiphanied. I epiphanied all over the damned place.

I realized that in my relationship with my sister I just need to have the relationship I want. If I want to be close to her then I need to be close to her. I can text or call anytime I want. I can email, Facebook her or even ignore her completely. It isn't about what she wants but rather how I decide to act.

She can't determine our relationship, she can only determine her relationship with me. As I determine mine with her. And if we don't see our sisterhood in the same way, who cares? Life is perception, not actuality.

I also want to mention that I read Land of the Beautiful Dead by R. Lee Smith (author of Last Hour of Gann) and I must say that although I read it in great big gulps, I didn't like the book at all. The heroine Lan was a tiresome bitch and the hero Azreal was a tiresome bore. But the writing is so good that I read the book despite wishing the H/h would fall into a volcano and die.

Will also mention that I painted two bookshelves and my desk is still a work in progress and I'll post pictures when it's all a little more pulled together. It's very messy right now.

And I want Willa to post pictures of her office. Purple and glitter is so my style.


  1. I still haven't finished LofBD and I'm not sure I will. I might just reread Gann again, lol.

    I've always said that just because people are family doesn't mean they'll be compatible or like the same things or each other.

    People are complicated. I think a lot of the time we we form our own family circles when we get out on our own and perhaps that's all to the good.

    My sister and I get along great because we never see each other because we're both introverted and hermity and a phone call does it for us (if we remember). It's just as well, she has three times the energy I do, she's always doing something around her home, while I'm content as long as my roof isn't leaking.

    Relationships can be difficult and iffy, but if you don't 'click', there should be no regrets. Life is what it is, and people are too.

  2. Aren't there a couple of sayings along the lines of 'you can't pick your family but you can pick your friends' and 'friends are family you pick for yourself'?

    I'm so glad you epiphanied all over the place (no injuries ensuing, I hope lol) and now you can be at peace/happy with things. It's what it's all about, right?

    Don't know the book or author you mentioned but it looks like a don't bother, so I won't lol.

    Looking forward to your pics and yes, Willa, please post - can never have too much glitter, am I right?

    Hugs y'all

  3. Chuckling at image of you epiphaning all over the place...

    My phone camera is so terrible! It's really hard to get a decent picture. But I think I may have some from the original makeover -- will check.

  4. Okay my dears....