Thursday, December 3, 2015

Done Did It

For the second time ever: I completed nano. Thank you Lea so much for your constant encouragement and the fun.

November turned out to be one of the hardest months ever for my family. My SIL ended up in the hospital for three weeks because the chemo killed her white blood count so she couldn't fight infection, she got e-coli growing in her blood and she was running a fever. Plus something was going on with her liver.

She's home now and still has to do more chemo. So we've all been miserable. I've been a cleaning, cooking, laundering maniac and if it wasn't for nano I probably would have fallen apart. But having the word count to focus on and letting my story grow organically has been an amazing journey for me.

I have a very very rough first draft that has maybe less than half of it usable but the story grew, the characters changed and I love what I have to work with now.

And I finished nano. Life is nothing if not a roller coaster.


  1. What willaful said--and thinking of you, Miz Mollie and the rest of your family, hoping for improvement, as little pain as possible, and peace.

  2. Well done you! So very proud :D So sorry to hear about SIL of course but glad you had something to stop you going mental. Helping out is one thing but for the burden of it all to be on your shoulders isn't right. Big hugs to you all up there. Here's hoping things improve soon, on all fronts. xx