Saturday, December 5, 2015

Life is So Weird

So, my eldest son had a heart attack.

I feel like I'm living in a mind bubble, where my kids are always young and relatively safe from life. Certainly my eldest shouldn't be 46 years old and having heart attacks.

It's bad enough when a life is on the line, but we had to do some digging to find out absolutely nothing. No information. None. You see, my eldest son is in prison and $25,000 dollars later, we have been unable to get him an appeal hearing. Of course, since I'm his mama, I think he's innocent, but just looking at the facts, I know he's innocent and has been railroaded.

If one of his cellmates hadn't called us, we would still know nothing. Not one official has contacted us, despite my husband calling the prison system. I suppose they don't think a 46 year old man's parents need to be advised of everything that happens to him, but I beg to differ.

He had two stents put in and now I'm worrying about his followup care. What kind of followup care will he get in prison?

I apologize for dumping my personal life like this. It's something I don't usually do, but I needed to vent. Thank you for listening.

When the fuck did life get so crazy? When the fuck did I get so old?


  1. ((((CAROLYN))))

    That's terrible news Carolyn! Firstly about your son and then to not be told? Regardless of his age, surely next of kin should have been notified as to his condition - be it you, a spouse or anyone else that's nominated.

    Vent away. Life is definitely crazy and keeping all that crazy in will only harm you too. xx

  2. I am so very sorry the authorities have been so uncommunicative--not knowing is always so much worse!

    I hope you find out exactly what is going on soon, and are able to do something to help him during his recovery.

    I'm keeping you all in my thoughts.

  3. This is dreadful in so many ways. Many hugs.