Thursday, June 18, 2015

More Meanderings

So, I have a Kindle Fire. And it is SO much easier to make collections on it than on a Kindle reader. I have collections coming out my wazoo.

I got a really neat idea: why not make a "Review" collection. Just add books I want to talk about here and I'd always have something to say.  :-)

Not so much. *hangs head in shame*

My review collection now has eight books in it and many more I know I forgot to put in there. Quite a few of the eight books might as well be new territory to me because I've forgotten the story line, the characters and most everything else about them. And there's a couple I think I might have already talked about, but I can't remember and God forbid I remember to use tags/labels!

So, before I can talk about any book in my "Review" collection, I'll have to reread it and even then it'll be a near run thing that it ever see the light of Farts. What books are in there now?

1.  Bound by Flames by Jeaniene Frost
2.  The Unseen by Katherine Webb (can't remember a thing about this one)
2.  The Deal by Elle Kennedy
4.  Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop
5.  Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs
6.  Truly by Ruthie Knox (another one lost in the mists of my mind)
7.  Rock Hard by Nalini Singh ( now this one I remember!)
8.  The Martian by Andy Weir (what a great book, but I have no idea what to say about it!)


There was a review of Opening Up by Lauren Dane over on Dear Author this morning and I'm really torn about trying this book.

On the one hand, as far as the plot, characters, etc. go, it sounds so good. On the other hand, Dane does write erotica, doesn't she? I'm not into BDSM so much (read not at all), but an erotica would make it hard to just skim the sex, wouldn't it? Otherwise, it sounds like a great story and may do for auto design what Joanna Wylde and Kristen Ashley did for motorcycles.

For right now, I've put it in my Amazon Wishlist and there it shall stay until I find out something definitive.


I find myself collecting old favorites in e, despite the fact that I have most of them in hardcover. The latest is the Rhapsody series by Elizabeth Hayden.

And I've got a lot more Georgette Heyers in e than I had realized. One can never have too many Heyers, that's what I say.

Then there's Barbara Hambly, Catherine Cookson, Diana Gabaldon (but just the first three), Elizabeth Vaughan, Elizabeth Moon, J D Robb, Jennifer Crusie, Joshilyn Jackson, Judith Tarr, Kate Elliott (I love her Jaran series!),LaVyrle Spencer, Lisa Klepas and Loretta Chase and oh, so many, many more. I'll never get all the books I've loved in e; there are so many. And I don't have the time (I am an old fart, afterall) or the money to do it right.

Oh! Forgot Rosamund Pilcher! And Robin McKinley - why won't they release the Blue Sword in e?


A confession.

I do know why I don't do "professional" reviews. It's because a good review requires you to think, plan and execute. Me? I don't think so much these days. I retired from thinking when I retired from the work force.

So I pay no attention to politics, right or left, I don't much care about all the 'isms' floating around. I want to lose myself in another world and forget about this one. Because really, nothing ever really changes, does it? The human condition is either boring or depressing and it's why I have to have a HEA these days.

Thankfully, I have a lot of portals to other worlds  and I use them constantly. As I'm about to do now.  :-)


  1. So agree with the portals concept - love to escape more than stay in the real world. Maybe we will bump into each other along the way, although given your list of authors up there, it might be a long wait lol.

    I did enjoy the Nalini Singh one you sent me and will get more but I haven't yet - oops :D. I have heard of hte others although not read (I have a Cookson on the bookshelf but it's not mine so have no idea what it's about or how it got there...)

    I do hear you and Ms Lori speak of hte others and I do mean to try but, well, I... I haven't. Well, that's a lie. I'm reading a Jennifer Cruisie right now, my first. The fact that it was a birthday gift from a friend is the only reason I will finish it. I wanted to hurl it across the room after half a chapter. But finish it I will and then get back to some serious reading - I am using it as a palate cleanser before I start book 3 of Game of Thrones or book 1 of Outlander.

    Anyways, you might not think you can review but I love to hear what you and Lori have to say on books as they do get me to open up my eyes to more than what I was usually reading - Grisham, King and Andrews - so thanks for that :D

    Good luck with your ongoing research.

  2. Carolyn, Lea wanted to hurl a Crusie across the room. Do we ban her? Take away her male ogling privleges? Strip her of her Wonder Woman under-roos? We must confer.

    And nononono to the Lauren Dane. NO!

  3. Banned? No ogling? I don't care about Wonder Woman but Superman underoos..?


  4. I want to know which Crusie brought on this reaction - I just can't imagine! I think she needs an intervention. ;-)

  5. Intervention? Ruh Roh...

    The book is Strange Bedpersons. I really dislike the woman - can't think of her name right now, that's how much she irks me lol - and her holier than thou attitude. She's under the impression that she's better than Nick (?) because he's a money hungry lawyer who only cares about wealth and the good life, while she's a selfless person because she teaches homeless kids(?).

    Then there is the fact that she didn't think Nick's BFF was good enough for anyone and yet set up her BFF to go out with him on that weekend. Then got all shirty because the BFF liked him...

    The kicker for me was the fact that she hated this Nick guy, really, with a passion, but one flash of his arms out of a shirt and she's all ga ga. She hates him and didn't talk to him for months (because he had the decency to not want to fool around in a car) and yet a few kind words, a smile and the mere thought of those arms was enough for her to agree to be his fiance and spend the weekend with him.

    Not only did she go on the weekend, but she did her level best to get a rise out of the host because she didn't like him or what he stood for, even though the weekend wsn't about her and she was supposedly helping out a friend.

    Then of course she still begrudgingly helped Nick but vowed never to sleep with him but hte minute hte 'guns' came in to view she was hot to trot. Of course she was back to hating him the next day because he had hte nerve to get out of bed and not leave her a 20 page note or even kiss her goodbye. Her vow to never sleep with him again lasted a day.

    I really can't bring myself to finish but I've come this far and it irks me that this will be the first that I don't finish but honestly, that woman jsut really ticked all the buttons for me to want to slap her upside the head. Had it just been the once that she didn't like him but then fell under his charm and they moved on, maybe but the fact taht she runs so hot and cold, nearly every page, I just don't like it. Sinceriously, I don't.

    Sorry girls, I am trying to expand my reading horizons and will continue to do so but this is one book that makes me skeptical about reading more of her. For now at least. If you want to intervene and ban me until my attitude changes, then that's cool. Give me a chance to cause mayhem and mischief elsewhere bahahahaha..


  6. Oh dear, I fear you picked the wrong Crusie. That's one of her early publications (1996), when a lot of romances followed this type of plot.

    She really is a good writer and her plots have definitely improved. :-) You should try Lori's favorite Crazy for You, or my favorite Bet Me or Agnes and the Hitman.

    And my lord, her prices have gone up! She hasn't had a new publication in several years and so I guess her publishers raised all her prices so they'd continue to make money. Agnes is the cheapest at $7.99!!

    Anyway, don't blame you for disliking the book. I somehow managed to miss this one, lol.

  7. Thanks Carolyn :D I'm hoping this disclosure means I have no worries about being sent out into the cold? Fingers crossed... lol

    I'll be sure to give her a shot, with either of your choices but it will be a little while. Aside from wanting to get the taste out of my mind from the last one, I have a few others that need to be read first. Given I'm back in a reading mood, this may not be as long as it would have normally.

    Ok, penciling in the books and off to make a cuppa :D

  8. Love your confession, Carolyn --I agree with it while-heartedly.
    Sadly though, I've completely gone off contemporary romance and even most historicals.
    I read mostly mysteries these days but even they give me problems.
    I want to like the characters I read about and find a lot of them to be shallow, obsessed with diet and the cost of things. I find I'm reading a lot more stuff written 20 years, or more, ago.
    I bought a new mystery for the weekend and am struggling to finish it. This weekend has been cold and rainy which is perfect for reading but sadly not so great for the pride weekend. I can hear birds singing right now so maybe it will at least be better for the parade. I think I'll grab a Heyer and put aside that mystery for awhile; or maybe I'll just read the last chapter and be done with it. I was so looking forward to a whole weekend of reading.