Saturday, June 27, 2015

I'm Intolerant

Yesterday as I delighted in the Supreme Court's decision, there were people who bemoaned it. People who upheld the minority decision and who saw it as a sad day for our country.

On Facebook, I unfriended them. Elsewhere, I skipped them over. And someone told me that I'm intolerant of views other than my own and just as bad as they are. And to that I say... maybe. I don't know.

What I do know is this: This is my life that I'm living and it passes in a heartbeat. One can live striving for love and happiness or one can live surrounded by hate and gloom. If you've ever seen someone who was always unhappy and never sought happiness then you might realize that happy is the way to go.

People with different points of view are everywhere in this world. And I'm not shutting the door on all of them. Heck, my own brother and I are at completely different ends of the rainbow when it comes to politics and I love him to pieces and listen to his views. And disagree with most. Think about some when he has a compelling argument. But mostly I cringe a little inside because he's so conservative and I'm so liberal.

Even he celebrated marriage equality.

Because we can disagree on whether illegal immigrants crossing the border should be sent back or given Medicaid. We argue about gun control laws and God help anyone be in the room when Hilary Clinton's name is mentioned. But we both agree that when the founding fathers said all men are created equal, they freaking meant it.

All men and women, no matter color or sexual identity or shape or size and blue or black eyed are created equal and have equal rights in this world. Nobody is born less a person. Nobody should live without the basic rights of shelter, food, health and the right to love and marry. If you don't agree with that then honestly, I'm intolerant. And I don't want you in my world because you take away my happiness.

Basic human rights. That's all we're talking about. Everyone having the same rights and opportunities. There will always be bad people and good people and moral people and immoral people. But everyone deserves the same basic human rights as everyone else.

And if you don't agree then I just don't want you in my life. I'm intolerant that way. So sorry.


  1. Well, then I'm intolerant in the exact same way you are--and I am not sorry.

    At all.

  2. You should put this on FB so that I can like and share it. You speak what's in my heart.

  3. I agree with Carolyn - FB it :D I've noticed my friend count went down a couple because I 'rainbowed' my avatar. But for the few that jumped ship, quite a few more colored their own so whohoo! I'm with yáll all the way on this.


    PS- Tell your brother I said Hilary... bahahaha