Friday, June 26, 2015

Marriage Equality

It would be easy right now to list all the ways people aren't equal in this world or this country but I don't want to do that right now.

I want to take a moment and thrill that something that has mattered to me since I was a teen has come true. Gay people can legally marry in the US.

I was raised believing in equality. As a Jew with the rich history of antisemitism and ultimately the diaspora of my people, we're seeped in the belief of equality. Fairness. Live free to worship, free to learn, free to love.

My mother devoted years to working as a volunteer in the AIDs community and was a great advocate of equal rights. I have to believe that today she danced on a rainbow in celebration.

This is an important day. Marriage has become meaningful again. And now it can be truly fabulous too.

I'm so fucking happy. Words can't even describe it.

This country got it right today.


  1. WTG! Wonderful news for all concerned. Let's just hope that our pollies sit up and take notice and do the same although I won't hold breath. Snoopy dancing all over to 'Revolution' by Army of Lovers right now. Seems perfect for the moment :D