Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Kill Your Darlings

Oh my. Oh dear. The book I've been working on is one for the scrap heap.

It's nobody's fault, not really. But I realized this morning while driving to work, that I was writing my heroine completely wrong and from the beginning. She needs to be a straight out of the gate beeyatch and not a Carrie from Sex and the City.

My bad.

So I'm erasing it all and starting over again.

The funny thing was that Mollie and I were in the car together and I told her what I'd written and how I should write it and she looked at me as if I was stupid and said . "Well, duh."

Even a 14 year old knew my story was all wrong.

In other news, I've got a moderately new job that's forcing me to think hard and work hard. It also gives me a great sense of accomplishment because I have to get things done and make people happy. So I have no down time at all but it's all worth it. I like doing it.

Doing the summer nanowrimo in July. Got my writing partner lined up **waves at Lea** and smores are at the ready.

Also have sister and sister in law coming to vacation here in a little over two weeks and in less than a month have a huge freaking party at the house.

Mollie ended the school year with a 4.0 So proud.


  1. **waves back** (or would if hands weren't frozen... lol)

    Looking forward to camp, should be fun. Bummer about ditching story but starting fresh can sometimes be a good thing. Can I borrow Mollie to give me the rolled eyes and 'Duh' for mine? LOL I could so picture her doing it too. Good for her!!

    Sounds like a huge party is coming (my invite is in the mail, I'm guessing?) and a full house can be both fun and a nightmare. Hope it's more of the former. Don't let them distract you from the writing or I'll be up there :D

    Glad the job is challenging and not as feral as the last one. 'Bout time you had some good luck.

    Ok, off to check the camping stuff is ready. Five days to go...


  2. Yay Mollie!!

    Boo, Lori!! (get to writing, girl!)

    And totally agree with Lea re job. I'm so happy for you. :-)