Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Random Wednesday Rant

Be warned, last night when I went to the grocery store to raid the Ben & Jerry's aisle, it wasn't because I was in a good mood. Got it?!?

So to begin: shame shame shame on Harlequin for Be Mine. It's a book with 3 novellas and cruising hard on Jennifer Crusie's name. Now Ms. Crusie had said that the story they're using, Sizzle, was an early one and she is not proud of it. There's a reason for that. Because it's shit.

It's hard for me not to love the Crusie-meister but really, that story is shit on ice. The hero is one of the most obnoxious heroes ever and the heroine didn't really fall in love with him, she was possessed by Donna Reed and after a nice exorcism she'll be fine.

I actually have never before read a romance where I knew there'd be no HEA. And even though Sizzle ends with a pretend HEA, that couple would never make it to the altar. And if they did, divorce court within a year.

Honestly, I needed the B&J Phish Food after that one.


Anya Bast announced on Facebook that she has breast cancer and is scheduled for a mastectomy next week.

Give me the B&J Peanut Butter Cup please.


My boss stood in front of me yesterday, pissed beyond belief about an action I took to see that they stop dicking around with my paycheck (I created a form to be signed by me and them for any exceptions to my pay-- horrible, right?) and she told me how horrible I am at my job.

I'm not horrible at my job, by the way.

But she gave a list of complaints about my lack of professionalism, my sense of humor and all the things that make me, well, me. Things that the patients are always telling me they love about me.

What killed me was that she was standing telling me I wasn't professional enough at the front desk while my co-worker was sitting next to me on Facebook while she was talking and she didn't even care.

B&J's Boston Cream Pie on that one.


I owe more taxes.


Just empty the ice cream aisle into my cart now.

I'm also getting pissed as hell with the continuing anti-Obama crap I hear everywhere. And to the people who think that further gun control wouldn't stop more senseless tragedies: you gotta be kidding me.

How can people fight over the right to own an automatic weapon and yet claim abortion is murder?

And to the man who stood in front of my desk and told me that the military is now being asked if they'd be willing to fire on American civilians, what the fuck are you smoking dude?

This world is batshit. I'm going to hide under my bed for awhile.


  1. *hugs*. There's just not enough ice cream in the world, some days.

  2. More hugs here.

    I'd comment on the Sizzle part of your post, but I'd have to rescan the story since it faded from my memory almost immediately. I did finishe it though. :-D

    As for the rest, one day at a time, darlin', one day at a time.

    Oh, and karma can really kick some ass.

  3. Oh good lord, welcome to the club.

    Some days it's really hard to figure out why you get out of bed--other than the need to pay the bills, that is.


    This too shall pass (or else, we'll just get better at ignoring the shit)

  4. yep, yep and yep and hell yeah. Where would we be without really good icecream?

    I hope next week will be better for you.