Friday, February 15, 2013

Just Call Me Queenie

I must be the queen of the freebies and .99 novels. God knows I have enough of them and every day I get more. Smart Bitches lets me know of sales daily, so does Dear Author. I joined BookBub and receive more lists of freebies and low priced books.

I think it's an obsession. I tend to shop when I'm stressed and sad to say, I'm sorta stressed these days. These days - HA! These days for the last two to three years, lol.

I may have posted about this before; I've been through recipe collecting - in fact I'm still in the throes of that particular obsession, only now it's the fast and easy ones and the crock pot ones.

I used to collect crochet and knitting patterns. Didn't make many of them but by God, I had the patterns if I wanted to!

Then I got into doll crochet. Dozens of dolls I made, with nowhere to put them. I finally gave most of them to my sister after my mania passed and I don't know what happened to them after she died. Have pics of a few only:



Let's see, now. Recipes, books, patterns - is that all? I think so. All these are relatively inexpensive. I mean, I don't lust after diamonds or rubies or fancy clothes or fancy anything like that. But that doesn't soothe my conscience, especially when I look at my bank account and see those lines and lines of 'Amazon'. The amounts may only be .99 or $2.99, but it looks spendthrift and it probably is, because it's not the amount but the mindset, right?

I'm working on not feeling guilty. I'm way older than I ever thought I'd be and at this stage of the life game I should be able to afford a bit of useless expense (something that's not a bill, or necessary to keep you alive).

But perhaps it's not so useless. After all, it gives me pleasure and Lori a selection of books to choose from. 

I've forgotten what the point of this post was, if there ever was one...

Oh yeah - I'm not giving up my bad habits. I already gave up smoking and gained 25 pounds. I'm not chancing anything else!  ;-)

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  1. Listen Queenie, I do love the books. And I have to say that I also pick up a lot of freebies from Facebook, and authors posting what they have free at Amazon.

    I've never felt reading was a waste of time. Ever. As long as I'm reading, I'm living. My mind is working. And the world I live in is a better place.