Sunday, May 27, 2012

Meet Grey Malkin

In Mariposa, a little tale written by our own Carolyn, there's a certain character who steals whatever page he's on. His name is Grey Malkin and he's well... in his own words...

So you disappeared after Mari's grandmother died. Mari thought you were dead also. Can you tell us where you went?


No? What do you mean - no?

Exactly what I say. Do you expect me to reveal secrets that have been hidden for centuries? Secrets that all familiars are sworn to protect?  I have never understood why humans call cats curious. Humans are more curious by far, and will dare much to satisfy that curiosity.

Well, really, cats are curious too, far more curious than humans, in my opinion.

Ah, but that is a human's opinion. I rest my case.

You have very strong opinions for a feline. Are most cats like you?

You must know they are. However, I must admit I'm a touch above other cats, even those who are familiars. I think it comes from the quality of witch we're assigned to. I've always been lucky that way; the gods can have a capricious sense of humour.

Were you aware of the dragons and other animals in the mountains and their secrets? And if you were, why didn't you tell Mariposa?

Of course I was aware. What Rose knew, I knew. I went to Bonne Terre with her. But some things a person needs to find out for themselves. What use to tell them when they won't even admit there's such a thing as magic? Humans do not have that inherent sense of the world about them, as cats do. No, not even witches.

Do you think Mariposa is a strong witch? Does she have the same strength as her grandmother?

Mariposa is stronger than her Gran could ever hope to be. Why do you think Rose didn't take care of the Evil herself? She would have, if she had the strength. Mari was our only hope. And, of course, she had me to help her. How could she fail?

You weren't the only non-human character that affected the outcome of Mari's story. Do you have anything you want to say about Horace, the donkey, stealing some of your limelight?

In the first place, Horace is a mule, not a donkey. I see no need to insult him, even if he is an idiot. Secondly, he did not steal any limelight that belonged to me. That would be impossible. I am a cat, after all.


We don't do a lot of giveaways on this blog because generally, nobody enters.

With that said, we'd like to offer a free copy of Mariposa to a commenter chosen at random as long as there are more than three commenters. (And Lea doesn't count because she has a freaking copy!)

So if you'd like to read an extraordinary story, leave a comment about an animal in the comments. The winner will be announced once Mollie decides on one (she's my random chooser).


  1. I was just remembering my cat the other day and missing her. She preferred me over everyone else - that never happens to me. Sniff.

  2. Lori? ... :P

    Although I bought me a copy and can't win one either, I'd like to say that I too miss my cat. Chachi was Chachi and walked to his own drum but he was mine and I miss him terribly.

    Damn critters... have a way of getting to you, even when they do nothing that warrants it!

    Willa, I hear ya! HUGS

  3. I've had so many animal loves and almost all of mine have been cats but there was one special dog in my life: Spitfire.

    Spitty was a rescued greyhound and she was only with us for a year. We got her because my mom loved dogs but Spit became my dog, the first and last time that ever happened to me.

    Spit slept on my bed, lived by my side and we just adored each other.

    Mollie wants a dog now and its hard to commit to getting one since it would have to be a small dog and we're gone most of the day.


  4. I'll send Pippin up to you Lori. One day with him and she'll forever be a cat person :D

    Not that he's a bad little mutt, he's just named very well - short, hairy, loves to eat and is always in to mischief.

    I do adore him though when we cuddle and watch the footy together, rooting for our beloved 'Doggies'.

    On second thoughts, Mollie will have to become a cat person on her own lol.