Monday, May 14, 2012

Crackgasmic Craziness

I saw this book mentioned on Smart Bitches ages ago: Her Heart's Desire by Rene Garrod. It's a Zebra Historical (Hysterical) from 1994.

I'm maybe only 15% in and I LOVE this the way I love ice cream (not as much as chocolate but a lot).

So like there's this farm in the 1800s and there's 5 sisters and grandma and the eldest sister Ella has turned down every offer of marriage she's received. And Grandma won't let any of the others marry until Ella gets married so the sisters are getting desperate. Desperate, I tell you.

So they kidnap a man.

Oh yeah. I'm giggling just writing that. They kidnap a stranger because he wears glasses and reads and they think Ella will like him. And yes, he gets hit over the head with a frying pan during the abduction.

Then they bring him home and Ella is horrified but Grandma decides it's a good move and she abets them!

Oh I want to devour this. It's nuts and so damned ridiculous.

I think there's going to be a shotgun wedding and there's a fiancee in New Yawk and a town called Heaven and the sheriff is in love with one of the sisters and I think he aids and abets also and isn't this just too wonderful for words?

This is my day: the sun is shining, the world looks glorious, my daughter's birthday party was a raging success and I have this crackalicious book to read. Oh.... and I'm making Lea do a whole bunch of book covers and shit.

This day is milk chocolate.


  1. Yay for Lea and book covers!

    And yay 'cause I get this book when you're finished. :-D

    And yay ... just 'cause.

  2. Sounds like a crackin' good read. Just from what you've said here made me laugh- hitting a guy with a frypan indeed!

    A milk chocolate day? I like that. Might have to use it :D

    As for 'making' me do covers... it's gonna cost ya. I'll just need to work out the cost, add the gst and postage and perhaps give a 5% discount coz we is frendz...



  3. Oh it keeps getting better. When Ella finally tells the sheriff what her family has done, he calls a town meeting and they decide to force a shotgun wedding.

    And the wedding itself is LOL-worthy. The sheriff shoots the groom. After making him dance to a barrage of bullets.

    This shoulda been a movie.

  4. what if we do a script and submit it? We need to work on who would we would cast in the roles etc.

    I'd watch it :D