Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Last Boyfriend by Nora Roberts

I'm thinking Ms Roberts might consider dropping the trilogy part of her production line and stick to Eve and Roarke and her stand alones. I've seen this book, The Last Boyfriend, described as 'meh' and I'd have to agree. I'm trying to figure out just why this book was written.

The first book in the Inn BoonsBoro trilogy, The Next Always, I sort of enjoyed. I like seeing old historical buildings saved from the effects of time and brought back to life. I don't mind the descriptions of how it was done or how it looked when it was done, at least not too much. The romance had a little danger thrown in; the ghost was a bonus.

This book? I'm still trying to figure out what the story was. The only further on we got with the ghost mystery was the name of her presumed lover - Billy. Everything else was Owen Montgomery and Avery MacTavish wondering about their feelings: sure, I like him/her; sure, I love him/her, but is it the one and only love? Sure we're fucking like bunnies, but it's all physical, I'm sure I can stop anytime I decide to. Blah, blah, blah.

I also think this book swung a hundred and eighty degrees, from the male atmosphere of sweat and macho stuff in The Next Always, to decorating tips and wedding showers and frilly feminine stuff in The Last Boyfriend. I don't care so much for that. In fact, I care so little for it that I only read the first book of the Bride Quartet, Vision in White. I'm pleased to say I did finish it, just as I finished this book, but I was gritting my teeth before I was done.

Speaking of finishes - what was with that ending, anyway? That was the most unsatisfying ending I've ever read. I was reading along, thinking it was going to be finished soon, and then it was, while my eyes were searching for the next sentence, paragraph, page. There was nada. It was like the book finished in the middle of making love. It didn't quite, but that's what it felt like to me. It felt unfinished.

I have yet to figure out several things about the title. Like, what does it mean? I assume Owen is the Last Boyfriend, but why is he? Who were the others? There isn't a plethora of boyfriends running around, past or present. that I can remember. Boyfriends just don't figure into the plot and it's driving me nuts. Maybe it's about the ghost? She's certainly in no condition to acquire a new boyfriend.

If anyone figures it out, please let me know.

And finally, for some reason known only to the inner recesses of my brain, I decided to google the author and discovered the background in these books is true to life. I mean, I knew she owned an Inn, but I didn't know the name of the town or anything else about it. I know now, because it's all in these books, down to the names of the guest rooms. So I guess all the decorating stuff is authentic too.

There's nothing inherently wrong with that, but somehow it made me feel uncomfortable and a little squicky.

Now I'm in a quandry as to whether to try the third book when it releases. I think that one may have to wait for paperback prices.

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  1. I knew it with the first one and it bugged the hell out of me. The whole book seemed like one giant ad. It probably didn't help that I listened it on audio, which really emphasized how much time was spent drooling over the inn and how awesome it was.