Saturday, November 26, 2011

What Do You Want From Santa?

With Thanksgiving over, now we're approaching Christmas. And when you're an Old Fart, that means buying gifts for the younger fart who shares the household.

Mollie had an extensive Christmas list and I'll admit that I spoil her rotten. Although this year there are a lot more clothes among her gifts: t-shirts and pajamas which she'll like and she also needs (especially the pj's).

But adults... well, we get used to sublimating our desires as we take care of the kids. And sometimes that just kind of sucks.

So I'm curious: what do you want this year? What's on your wish list that if Santa left under your tree, you'd squee with excitement.

I dream of a Kindle Fire or an IPad. I don't have a need for a tablet but man of man, I want one. I would also kill for a Kitchen Aid mixer, a Cuisinart food processor, a new car or a 3 carat diamond. (If you're going to dream, dream big.)

Your turn.


  1. World peace.

    Ok, I'll be back later with my real wish.


  2. I'll go along with the new car, I sure could use one. A nice little car that'll get me from A to B and I won't have to worry about something breaking down or falling off. :-)

  3. I know what I want...

    My brother just got back from Bali and as a belated bday present he got me a copy of photoshop elements 10, and cs6. Neither have the registration key and so I can't use.

    So, from Santa, I would like the activation keys. I have covers and stuff to make!

  4. God yes get the activation keys!! A Lea with photoshop is a happy Lori indeed. (Did that make sense?)

  5. Oddly enough, yes lol. Comes with being a mini-you I guess.

    I'll try and use it until trial is over and see what happens. Maybe I should send brother back to Bali to get codes...