Thursday, November 3, 2011


1. This is nanowrimo time and oops, we're doing it again. Well I am. Carolyn said writing and life are hard enough and I'm not talking her into making it harder. So if you're na-no'ing and need a buddy: buddy me. Lori S Green. We can compare word counts and act like a couple of teenage boys: My word count is bigger than your word count. Well, my word count has bigger words than yours!

2. We might have mentioned that our 2 year epic in the making, Letters From Greece, was finally completed at the beginning of summer. We edited and sent to Carina Press. After about 14 weeks with them, they decided they were no longer taking women's lit and so we got a rejection. We also sent to Samhain who had it 17+ weeks and we inquired on the status and got a form rejection letter in response. Personally, I don't believe they even read it.

Anyway, we've submitted it two more places and fingers crossed.

3. Lori (me) is happy to announce that Lyrical Press has accepted The Stone Crow, my dark novella about Gods beating up humans, and it will be released in July.

Why so long? You need to learn to anticipate great things, *snort*


A new anthology of short stories by Carolyn, myself and s. Elle Brown (you might know her around these parts as Lea, the weird Aussie chick who has the moon pie addiction). We have it available on amazon, smashwords, B&N, ARe.

5. We got our first return on The Bodice Rippers at amazon. They didn't give a reason so I don't know if it was my crap formatting or Carolyn's crap writing. (Notice how clever I did that?) Anyway, it's crap. We'd offer it free but Amazon won't let us.

6. Survivor rocks. Just sayin'.

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  1. Hey - I'll do a rewrite if you'll reformat. ;-)