Sunday, November 13, 2011


I'm in the reading doldrums. Nothing appeals to me.

Could be because I've been sick this weekend, or perhaps I should say suffering from the medicine that's supposed to cure me. Side effects can be a bitch!

Maybe I'm just all read out. I'd been on a reading binge for several weeks.

That's why it delighted me to find a review of one of Barbara Hambly's older books on DA, The Bride of the Rat God. A rather iffy title, but behind that title is a wonderful, wonderful story and it sent me on a hunt for all the books I loved in my youth. Not only Hambly, but Barbara Michaels, David Edding, Elizabeth Moon, Georgette Heyer, Nora Lofts. Can't afford to get them all at once, of course, but I'm setting up a schedule and each paycheck will see one or two added to my e-library.

I don't know what it says that these older books are what appeal to me now. I just know I get twitchy without reading material and I'm so glad that these older works are now available in e.

Happy reading, y'all.


  1. Everytime you glom an author I'm delighted because then you introduce me to authors worth reading.

    Hambly was/is a delight. Different and such a great story teller.

    I just finished Fair Game by Josh Lanyon and loved it. Now I'm reading a Loretta Chase. After that: I'll probably let you guide me.

  2. I wish I could recommend for you Carolyn but I have a feeling my choices aren't what you are looking for.

    You will be happy to know that I took one of your recommendations and am now half way through. It's a Nalini Singh book, not sure which one though. Aside from the fact that I feel I'm missing a lot of back story, I am enjoying it. Thanks for the heads up :D

    Now, if only I could return the favour...