Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Last week my little girl had a cold that kept her out of school all week. Today I can feel myself getting sick. Dagnabit!

My nano writing has already failed. The story I was working on was depressing me too much (along with my current unmedicated depression which is depressing me) so now I'v decided to revisit Apple Jack, Alabama and the world of Sugar B. She was my 2009 nanowrimo novel and although its too late to make it my 2011 nano, I'll start writing it anyway.

I sure miss those Apple Jack folks.

The site is still undergoing a facelift. The skin we liked slowed us down too much so now we're simplified. Would love to be a little more fancy for our nice visitors but right now we feel lucky to have gotten this much done. But we shall persevere.

For all of you wondering what happened to Carolyn... she's lost in edits and galley proofs. We expect to see her soon but by that time she'll be frothing at the mouth and ready to kill editors. I love it when she's like that. Makes me look almost sane.


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