Thursday, October 14, 2010

Official News! Celebration Time! CONTEST!

Our older fart (heehee) Carolyn has received good news indeed. Her second novel has been accepted for publication with Lyrical Press.

Usually I'd announce the title but since I think it sucks monkey balls with a case of motor oil on the side, I think we should take advantage of this great news with a little


Name Carolyn's new opus and become part of it. You might be a gossip in the salon, a deputy in the police department or a crazed mountain man with a toothless grin and a big wanger.

What you need to know about the story:

Southern town in the mountains.
Older woman/widow named Sunny.
Younger handyman named Cas.
He's running from an abusive/murderous father.
Crazy mountain men with big wangers.

Don't be shy. Give us your best. After all, how many times can you say you were a character in a published novel?


  1. I'll start the contest off:

    Song Of Jeremiah. (I know it's misleading since there is no Jeremiah in the story but it's a cool title.)

    Winning the Winsome Widow

    Sunny With A Chance

    Cas Me If You Can

  2. Appalachian Sunrise

    Sunny Through Mountian Mists

    Life Out of Ashes

    Her Light Shines Through

  3. I've got it!

    Either "Run, Cas, Run!"


    "Crazy Country Men With Big Wangers"

    I'd like to be the dwarf clerk at the general store with uncontrollable dandruff and a hare lip. Thanks in advance!

  4. Nice try, Lori. :p

    Lori left out one thing though - there is a crossroad ... *wiggles eyebrows*

    I like Appalachian Sunrise, but absolutely refuse to consider any title with 'wanger' in it! Sorry 'bout that.

    Nah, I'm not, lol.