Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Modern Day Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a little red-headed fart who lived deep in the forest with a bunch of dwarves with massive body hair. The little red headed fart liked massive body hair (go figure). She also liked her dwarves but sometimes she'd dream of a prince with a little less hair on his back and shoulders and a touch more height to reach the tall cabinets.

Being that the red headed fart didn't want her dwarves to know she had longings, she kept a private diary where she wrote her dreams and desires. Afraid that one of the small, hirstute gentlemen might find her private musings, she hid her real desires inside a fictional tale.

The story took a life of it's own and soon the Prince that the red headed fart longed for became a fully fleshed character living a life on paper. He didn't have the thick, coarse hair of the dwarves but rather curly black hair on his head and a fine sprinkling of black hair covering his well muscled chest.

This Prince had dragons to slay and a maiden to conquer and the red headed fart wrote it all down and lived each word with her Prince as his story unfolded. He became as real to her as the apples she ate every day and the little forest creatures she hunted down and cooked into stew.

Then one day the red headed fart realized that her Prince had slain his dragon, won his maiden and even cleaned the tall windows in the castle. His story was done. She was sad to say goodbye to him but at last she knew his story and it filled her heart with joy.

The red headed fart knew a female dwarf who had a thing for giants. She sent her secret story to her friend who enjoyed it greatly and then sent it on to a hobbit she knew who lived down under (under the alder tree with gap toothed tree elves).

The story passed among women who loved it. Then one day a woman who lived her life with dragons read it. "Aha!" she declared, "this is a story that will make all maidens know such princes exist." That maiden used her collection of old dragon scales and painstakingly copied the story on each scale and sent them out far and wide for all the maidens to read.

Okay, just having some fun. The fact is that Carolyn sold her sweet tale of redemption and hirstute manhood that will come out on the 4th of July and it's such a celebration. Although the dwarf thing is not made up. Just ask her.

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  1. You all see what I have to put up with *tapping foot*

    That's okay though - she got MOST of it right. ;-) And I do appreciate her support. ♥

    Pretty soon now, I'll have TWO 'coming soon' bookcovers to look at! How neat is that?

    OMG!! I just had a thought! Lori's 666 Angel Lane is coming out in December - she can post on the monthly Author thread at Dear Author!!

    Okay Lori - you have offically arrived. *grin*