Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Reintroducing Ourselves

We've been a little quiet lately. Even with each other. Which is highly unusual because Carolyn and I are usually living our lives with our phone stuck to our ears and echoes of "oh no she did not!" rending the air.

I'm buying a home and Carolyn bought a Kindle.

Hell, you may never see either of us again after this.

Talk about evil empires. Carolyn has sold her soul to Amazon now. She spends hours searching Amazon for more and more titles to add to her Kindle. "This one is 99 cnts!" she cries, ignoring that it's The Feeding of Dwarf Pygmie Albino Goats.

I understand she has over 4000 books currently in her library.

I'm either scanning the internet for decorating ideas (thinking of doing a homemade backsplash in the kitchen using old teabags and Preparation H) and of course, trying to find my first grade teacher's name to make the bank happy since they qualified me for a loan and now seem to be trying desparately to disqualify me.

We promise to write more. After Carolyn sends her paycheck direct to Amazon and I find the bank proof that I worked for McDonalds during my senior year of high school.

1 comment:

  1. Good luck on the search Lori. And Carolyn? Step.Away.From.The.Kindle.


    I can't talk. Back when I was working full time and never thought I'd lose my job, I was getting DVD's like htey were going out of style. Which they probably will. Still, I don't think I've actually bought any since the axing. Well, except for season 6 and 7 of Smallville, which I am yet to watch (still half way through season 5). So, Caroly, you go for it - you'll wind down eventually.

    We hope...

    Now, Lori. Decorating tips you say? I've lived in many many many houses and have no idea where to start but I can wield me a mean paint brush. If I promise to get more paint on the item in question than me, would you like a hand? I ask for two reasons. To help you out and to get you done and dusted so you and your co-conspirator can get back to talking each other's ears off and writing.

    Good I idea I reckon. Still, until you come back, I'll be waiting patiently. Maybe I can think up something funny to write about or I might even try and catch up on my Smallville...