Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Julia Grey Mysteries

I picked up a book bundle over on Amazon - 3 ebooks for the amazing price of $9.99. The author was unknown to me, but really - 3 books for $9.99? Well worth the gamble, I said. Loudly.

And it was.

The author is Deanna Raybourn, the books are Silent in the Grave, Silent in the Santuary and Silent on the Moor.

Y'all - I have a new author to follow! (And to celebrate I just bought her stand alone The Dead Travel Fast.) *grin*

Okay. Why did I like these books?

Reason the first - they're a trilogy! Yes indeed, everything wrapped up in three books. For real. The romance arc arced over all three books, character reveal lasted for all three books, character growth ran through all three books. And there was a humdinger of a HEA in the last book.

Reason the second - each book is a contained mystery, solved by the end of the book, even if the characters' relationship isn't. I love mysteries, even if I do suck at solving them. Solving them isn't why I read them. Like everything else I read, I read for good writing and great characters, with plot coming in a distant third.

Reason the third - they're historical, but NOT regency. *two thumbs up*. They take place around 1858. The description of clothing, buildings, people made everything seem more real.

Reason the fourth, but should probably be the first - Nicholas Brisbane, our egnimatic, brooding but ultimately tender hero. Oh le sigh!! I want me one of them for my very own. When I say he's half gypsy, does that tell you anything? Instead of our heroine having the sight, it's our hero. He doesn't want it and resists the visions to the point he gets debilitating migraines. I found this a refreshing change.

Even I could see the growth of the heroine through these three books, from a girl just existing in her well padded life, to a women who will fight for the man she loves, defying her family and the conventions of her time. As for the hero, the reason he resists his love for her is very plausible, given the mores of the era.

A very satisfactory, sigh-worthy read. I recommend these books highly and hope to see lots more from this author.

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  1. The first book is next on my to-read list, got it when Mills & Boon were giving away freebies a few months ago. I've only read the first page a few days ago: All I have to say so far is that if the rest of the book is as entertaining as the first four paragraphs I will certainly be picking up the bundle.

  2. That first paragraph is a humdinger!

    "To say that I met Nicholas Brisband over my husband's dead body is not entirely accurate. Edward, it should be noted, was still twitching upon the floor."

    She had me from that point on. :-)

  3. Sorry, that should be Brisbane. Evidently one's comments can't be edited. Bah!

  4. Wow, what a great first line! I love it. I'd better get this one onto my TBR pile ASAP!

    Speaking of great first lines. This is one I remember from one of Miss Snark's first victim's competitions.

    I don't know if this writer has sold the book, but I would buy it just on the grounds of the first line.

    Here it is ... and I hope you're as impressed with my feat of memory as I am.
    y'see I NEVER quote lines from books - ever.

    "I never thought I would find myself sitting Shiva for my ex husband in a house with a Christmas tree in it."