Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Blog Blah's

Because we have nothing to blog about, we decided to blog about nothing.

We have never joined a writing organization nor have we gone to any conventions. We do not have famous friends. Nora Robert's has never shared her phone number or writing tips with either of us.

Our dream editor has nightmares about us. (Did you read Bodice? She did. 'Nuff said.)

Neither of us has an agent, has a book we can deem our baby or has enough sense to figure we can barely spell so why are we writers...

We do enjoy ourselves though. There's something fun about those early morning phone calls when we start saying "what if..." and the ideas flow and the plot holes that seemed big enough for a semi couldn't fit a Beetle.

We're nothing special. Our blog is nothing special. But we're happy with it just the way it is.


  1. If this post is about nothing does that make it the Seinfeld of blogs?

    Never mind - it's the coffee talking lol.

    And you may not think this blog is special but you've had some great posts and some 'controversial' ones - or at least ones that actually got people to post. That's something I reckon.

    I'd love to be part of those early morning calls but your early morning is my late night so it's not the same lol. Anywho, keep them up because we're all hte better for the outcomes of those calls. I've read a few of the stories and I've enjoyed htem all. Published or not, you have a fan in me.

    Now, where did I put my address book. I think I hve Nora's number...

    (kidding lol)


  2. This blog makes me happy. See? Purpose.