Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blog Wars

Carolyn asked me to write a post so it doesn't look like we don't care about the blog. We care very much about this blog but we don't know what to write sometimes.

We don't do book reviews because we read books, enjoy them and then we're so freaking old that 5 minutes later we forget what the characters names were. Makes for a strange looking review.

Book X by Unknown Author had an alpha shifter hero with an extra middle finger and a name that was something like Lheo or Mark and the heroine was Tracy or Tina or something with a T and she was generic except for her ability to have 3 hour orgasms...

We go to Dear Author for our book reviews and suggest you do also.

We can talk about editing but that's boring pretty much and we're not good enough writers to give too much advice and we're not clever enough for much of anything. So we should start a blog war.

There's never too much drama in anybody's life so maybe we can create some. We can find another blog that has the blah's and create some unnecessary controversy, post pithy pissy things on each and take the high road when we realize we're in the wrong "I'm tired of fighting so at this moment I shall officially say no more."

So who wants to battle?

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  1. Okay, now I remember why I don't ask you to do things.

    Good lord!!