Thursday, January 25, 2018

Fantasy Fiction Fella Friday

This has been a hard one. I couldn't find a picture that fit the image carried in my mind and heart. I googled noses, I googled Italian noses; also big noses and Roman noses. Not very much luck. However the ones below came the closest (most of them, heh). 

May I introduce Sebastian Leslie Guy de Ath Ballister, Marquess of Dain, better known as The Lord of Scoundrels.

Don't even know who this guy is but he's handsome and looks historical, although Dain didn't wear chain mail. (Is that the guy that was in the Mummy movie?)

Now, this guy below has the body type I imagine for Dain. I just need Lea to color his hair for me, lol. Also, his nose isn't big enough.

See, that's the fascinating thing about this book: Dain thinks (thanks to his father) that he's monstrous, with a huge nose and big hands. Everything about him is too big and he hates himself and engages in self-destructive behavior in an effort to show he doesn't care, not at all. It's why he's so upset when the heroine, Jessica, calls him sensitive. Anyway, just pretend Chris is a brunette.
I don't know if multiple pics is what Lori had in mind, but I have a couple more. They're not big enough but they have the right coloring. And I know who one of them is! It's  Pierce Brosnan! Don't know the other guy. Unfortunately.

Still, this should give you some idea of Dain's attractiveness. 

In some ways he's still a little boy; he does bad things to give the finger to society and to show he doesn't care. But he does. And despite himself, he is fascinated with Jessica, who has no fear of him and cannot be intimidated. Their mantra is: "I should like to see you try!"

So, that's it. I did think of putting up a Carlos pic, but although he's the right coloring, he's just not tough enough looking.

I'm not sure just how many of these Fridays I can squeeze out, so we'll see. Lori might be on her own with this one, lol. 

Don't you just love good looking men??

(Gonna go ahead and post this 'cause it's Friday somewhere and my memory ... well, less said about that the better.)


  1. To answer your question: yes, I do like good looking men. Funny though, I tend to think of Dain as more a Jason Momoa type. A lot wild with a hard beauty.

  2. Ooh, Jason,.. ;P

    I too love the good looking men types. Of course what I think is good looking might not be the same as you but it doesn't matter. Of course, you posted Chris Hemsworth so... nice!

    Carolyn, who's hair do you want me to change - top guy or Chris H? I can try lol. I think the guy you're thinking of is Oded Fahr (?) and he does kinda look like him.

    I must say, Scoundrel is one book you and Lori recommended that I did actually read and I totally enjoyed it. It's been a while since I did read it but if memory serves, the ending, with the boy, had me all goose-bumpy. I might need to revisit. And thanks to Lori, I'm going to imagine Jason as Dain lol. You're right - Carlos won't do at all, for this anyways.

    I'm enjoying the Fridays so I hope y'all will continue. It's nice to have something sexy to take into the weekend :D